Meet the Team

We'd like to introduce you to the team behind TCCL Lodge and the members of TCCL - all of whom have an invested interest in seeing TCCL Lodge to come to fruition.

TCCL Lodge are also delighted to be working closely with Along Came Kirsty. Fronted by Kirsty Thomson, this great local business provides fundraising and consultancy support to a number of charities across the area. Along Came Kirsty are supporting us in raising the remaining funds we need to complete TCCL Lodge and help us create a fundraising strategy to allow TCCL Lodge to support many families in the future.


  • Andrea Brymer

    Andrea Brymer

    TCCL Patron
  • Biz Logan

    Biz Logan

    Ordinary Member
  • Hazel Melrose

    Hazel Melrose

    TCCL Secretary
  • Lynsey Chatham

    Lynsey Chatham

    Ordinary Member
  • Nikki Milne

    Nikki Milne

    TCCL Treasurer
  • Richard Moore

    Richard Moore

    Vice-chair of TCCL
  • Sylvia Wilson

    Sylvia Wilson

    Ordinary Member
  • Ann McArthur

    Ann McArthur

    Committee Member

TCCL Lodge Team

  • Dr Rosalie Wilkie

    Dr Rosalie Wilkie

    TCCL Lodge Chairperson
  • Gaye Steel

    Gaye Steel

    Trustee TCCL Lodge and TCCL Ordinary Member
  • John Walker

    John Walker

    Treasurer TCCL Lodge and TCCL Chairperson
  • Lindsay Alexander

    Lindsay Alexander

  • Murray Etherington

    Murray Etherington